-Wherever did you go out last night?
-I had a spiritual journey. I had such a deep conversation with earth, she roared -therefore the earthquake-, yet I couldn’t quite listen to her. She told me I wasn’t listening to her.
>>After listening to my friend’s epiphany down the river, upon visualizing his encounter and embracing him for a while during that junkies’ night, I walked back to my crazy family’s cabin and lied on my bed:
>>I was at university. There seemed to be a lot happening. The whole place was teeming with undergraduates coming and going. Naturally, I was one of them. I was a bit anxious because I had to hand in an essay to Martha, so I headed for the Department to look for her and ask her about the new deadline. Inside, classmates were gathering commenting on the dude who was out there walking around and allegedly ‘doing magic.’
>>”He caught sight of me! I couldn’t escape and I couldn’t help to fall under his spell. I learned quite a lot about myself. I realized I had…”
>>Copious stories were heard at the Department’s hallway. I didn’t quite mind them. At last I bumped into Martha.
>>”Your essay’s just fine. You just need to work a bit on the specifics. You know you have a pretty good notion of structure, but just handing that in won’t do. Check out, for instance, that reference. I would never take that source seriously. You can send me the final version to my email once you’re done.”
>>She’d been telling me all of this as we walked out of the Department and headed towards Linguistics, until we both got close to one of the crowds that were rotating around that fearful dude.
>>”Get the hell out of here! You now know what to do about the essay. Go away!”
>>So I did, as though she herself knew it would be a bad idea for me if that dude ever caught sight of me. I walked away in pursuit of a way, a place to sit down and edit my essay. Deep down, though, I was escaping the mysterious guy. Along my way, I encountered several places that used to be my day-to-day realities. University streets, old buildings and bands of freshmen here and there. It was an academic Knossos whose maze I was trying to get lost into so I could be saved from that ominous magic that was up in the air. I got to a parking lot right when the dude with indigenous appearance saw me. I played fool and just turned my back on him as I picked up the pace among the empty cars. I had been holding a plastic bottle containing a bit of soda and my very own wallet. So I took it closer to me in fear of something could happen to it, but it got smaller and smaller, until it faded away right before me. I knew the ponytail guy had done his trick. I didn’t even bother turning around to blame him – it was obvious. I got worried about my wallet. From behind, he told me to follow right where the bottle was pointing to. So I did, and as I walked forward, I got closer to a small tree. When I was right in front, I felt I should stop. A voice I presume was the magician’s told me that what I was looking for was right there; all I needed to do was peeing on it… and wait for the next day so it appeared. Out of the blue it was the next day. There it was: my wallet. When I looked up I saw plenty of more bottles scattered across one of the university’s pastures. I had to clean that mess, I knew, but compared to the stories I had heard, I had gotten off scot-free. I thought the whole thing hadn’t even been an ordeal, as it was supposed to have been. So I happily walked back close to the Department, where I knew I would run into the magician. I stretched my arm to hands-shake, but I hugged him in the end, to what he saw no problem whatsoever.
>>”I need to talk to you. I did all I was supposed to. It was easier than expected!”
>>”Do you think you would’ve done it as well if you had been an old guy?”
>>”Guess not.” I hesitantly replied while I mysteriously started getting things off my chest and tears came down my face. “It’s just that… I didn’t think I was ready.”
>>I hugged him again. He held me tight.
>>”It’s just that I don’t know what the universe is all about…”
>>”Right now, you are the whole universe to me.
>>I cried on while in his arms. I knew he was being extremely nice to me. No man had ever been that loving before. I could tell by the way he talked and embraced me. I kept on crying. We hugged and hugged until I saw the bed slats above me.


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