“i’m sorry, sr, there’s nothing we can do about it. you know this is a mass transportation system so,,, that’s the way lines operate, those are the expected… BLA BLA BLA BLA BAL BLA BLA… what’s with you? is this your complaint?,,, so you say you’re claustrophobic??? sorry, sr, but this is how the system works,,, BLA BLA BAL BAL BLA BLA,,, so you ask about the, according to you, laughable warning sign that says “please do not step on the yellow line”?,,, well, if someone happens to get hurt, our company is not held responsible for that. what’s your id number? BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA,,,”

i can’t believe i’m here. i can’t believe i’m wasting my time with this poor old no one who i’m sure failed as a man, or even as a human being… am i too hard on him? pff,,, who fuckin’ cares,,, they don’t care about me,,, they don’t care if i get the ****** i predict i’ll get if i stay longer in this………… what the hell is this place, after all? is it something worth it? them, everywhere, damned worms always looking for an ephemeral pleasure, consuming soil, air, water, fires of genuine nature on their way……… who are them? corruption i’d say, Corruptland must be their new ‘independent’ republic……. i know their eyes, i now their expressions, they’re death’s. they’re consuming earth, they’re consuming the universe, they’re worms build by worse tepid worms coming from deep within a laughing demon’s malice. and they’re all consuming an ageless corpse, a corpse of someone that never was, but that IS in death alone: deadland. deadland’s alive! deadland’s alive!, come on, sing, you fuckin’ creatures of disgusting glance! deadland’s alive because it’s fuckin’ dead. and its worms, they work, they gossip, they give up, they follow the crowd, they cry, they pray, they copulate, they give birth to more filth, they look down on you because you can’t get their damned social logic…………. they’re fathers, they’re leaders, they’re bosses, they’re called MEN. they eat, they party, they drink beer like the happiest satans do, they cheat on their loved ones, they forget their loved ones, they don’t look at you, they don’t know you’re there, they fade away, they’re called MEN they’re called MEN they’re called MEN…….. they give birth to hate, they give birth to demons, they give birth to monochrome dead dreams. and i’m a worm, too, a freakin’ miserable worm to be killed by some urban tragedy…….. i’m like them, i can’t put off this doomed skin & fate. i have no sexual drive any more,,, how to have one if i’m rotten from the inside? i can’t stand their voices, i can’t stand their scent, i can stand such bodies, i can’t stand i’m like them, they’re my brethren, the worms are!

“i’m sorry, sr, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Thanks anyway.



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