soft night showers are soft night showers

let’s see,,, it’s just true. when it comes to working out, it’s much better to have a buddy. but, like in life, all human beings gotta get over certain stuff to experience what they’re meant to experience, to learn what they’re meant to learn, and to be who they’re meant to be… that’s so tediously obvious,,, hold on a sec… is it? I just hope my friend’s doing alright there, in the north… lol… i’d like a buddy, too, but not just someone to work out with, but… do people feel the same? am i fuckin’ mad? (*sigh*) let’s see,,, is the guy with the huge dumbbells looking for something like that? wait! it’s him, it’s him! Apollon… SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! look at that vigorous figure, sweating earnestness & strength all around… did i touch his heavenly arms by accident? no, just be careful… be careful… but… wtf! who’s writing this story, who’s making me suffer as much as i do whenever i find an Apollon like him?, who’s silently laughing at me controlling my instincts, trapping my own self, grabbing my signals, bursting deep within me?………………………….. writer of bittersweet pleasures, i don’t know if i should condemn you or invite you to my innocent bed, i don’t know if i feel his beauty as he ephemerally looks at me or i shrink like space dust because i know nothing would ever happen… (what for, anyways) writer of bittersweet pleasures, this i tell you: if a heaven truly exist, like backworldsmen say, it must be secretly kept in his pure exposed armpits–thus i say. what’s the secret of manfulness and absurd beauty?… SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Geez! i’m goin’ nuts… i think i’d better go back home… sure… but, where’s my jacket… there,,, shit, he’s leaving too… what a coincidence! whatever, i’ll let him go downstairs the first. outside, what is there outside? just a sad gloomy night, it rains. sad gloomy nights are perhaps the only sacred beings in this hell they call city… and i’m one of them anyways: given birth by demons, expected to learn from demons, and doomed to live amongst demons… SHHHHHHHHHHHHIT! Me, again… where the hell are you, moon, the only one that really soothes me when i have to listen to myself?! He’s not here! Freakin’ clouds, reddish spirits of passed lives, go and burn an actual demon!

even though people are crowded down there, running as a soft night shower wets their faces and perhaps their fragile dreams too, heading home as crazy neon lights try uselessly to cheer up their ragged outfit and usual roughness, dancing the horribly silent melody of tedium, there can’t be a more lonesome destiny like that street. let’s go now, i’m kinda hungry… bye-bye, guys,,,  look who’s there… Apollon is putting on his pullover… Au revoir, mon ami! OMFG!, look who’s here now? it’s… him, my mate,,, my (former) trainer.

“Hiya, where the hell have you been?” what’s he gonna say? “Goin’ back home? let’s go” ok, then… this is… SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! great… but,,, it’s still raining… sacred rain, now we’re both so close on this threshold because of you. it’s been ages since i last felt so closely his holly, holly, holly, holly, holly stubble… he’s doing it again: why aren’t they looking me in the eye? don’t you know that i wanna feel wild nature coming from your gazes? “Got some money? I’m hungry”… you and your mysterious invitations, buddy.

“So where are you heading, anyways?” what can i say? let’s see, the truth: “Home, but i’m kinda bored and there’s nothing to do there now… let’s just chat a bit… after all, it’s been so long… Where are you going?” i’m sure he’s gonna say: “Home, too”… i love to chat with mates like this… apparently, nothing is important, yet every word shapes my world. buddy, you have no idea… i don’t love you any more, that’s for sure, buddy, because it’s pointless, because it freakin’ hurts to love & not being loved back… it’s so obvious,,, hold on a sec, is it? lol. but yeah, i gotta say i love the way you wanna invite me to eat something, & though you have no plastic money, here you are, feeding me… why? 🙂 what if i tell him my plans?: “I think I will start studying”. he seems interested, great. “And once you’re done with that? Will you write? Don’t you like to write?” Awwwwwwwwwwww, buddy! “Me? Writing? Writing is for old fellas”. What he doesn’t know is that i’ve been an old man for so long! “Come on!” You know, buddy?, soft night showers are soft night showers.



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