Ein Engel

clerarly i don’t know how the hell should i be handling this sorta situation! Shit! it’s just to easy for everybody else,,, i mean, men, they are really something: mysterious universes shining out as though their essence was the energy of nature, of life, of wilderness and voluptuousness… here comes this guy i’ve never seen in my life and joins us, our team, at class or something,,, Shit, im nervous, he’s like a rockstar: leather jacket, skinny black jeans, and a white crazy tank i can’t help to look at… SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Come on, stop dreaming, youre supposed to be here, to do as others do. He quietly sits next to me. his skin’s as niveous as my purest dreams and passions, i’m just…

… … ….!


Crazy gorgeous pal, come on, share some thoughts with me, share some pats, some smiles & some you. SHHHHHHHHHHHH! this’s been an innocent hide-&-seek,,, i finally found you… is it you who i’m after? thanx & thanx for your smile, its goldener than anything on this & thousand earths,,, About beauté we talk, in poesy we dive into, on the world we philosophize,,, und ein Engel du bist… love it when i hear your voice & your hidden musical essence, love it when you go on stage and stand like a gad, love it when we try and get to know each other a bit, love it when we shake hands & say goodbye, love it when you softly move your reddish lips to say we’re meeting up again… …

and that’s it, it’s just all over & reality becomes images & dreams & memories & past & holding on to some beautiful being & … what else? i’m sleepy now… he’s smiling,,, he shines a lot tonight,,,



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