hey, grandpa, the good old man in front of me right right now, the good old man that doesnt understand a word in this language of mine, the good old man whom i learnt solitude & quietness can be more of a treasure than gold itself, the good old man who seems so calm no matter what, the good old man that is always smiling when talked to, the good old man that’s now on his own.

hey, grandpa, id give a lifetime to know what’s goin’ on within you, to understand both your pain and mysterious strength. there, outside, your words became magical gospels of really sacred wisdom. you know? my cousins, my aunties, mum, well, everyone is always wondering what secrets are kept in your memories and silence… is it that you, grandpalito, have got the secret of life all of us are desperately after?

hey, grandpa, youre perhaps the kinda guy i wanna be when i grow up,,, did you know that? Smile, smile, smile, grandpalito, ‘coz sorrow’s gotta fade away someday, yeah, sorrow’s gotta fade away someday. your calmness is all i wanna inherit, your calmness and the fortune of having your blood within me. i’ll be there by your side, you know. let’s just go upstairs and take a nap for a while. yeah, i got plenty of stuff to do, but youre here, grandpalito.

hey, grandpa, dont fall asleep right here! its fuckin’ cold and youre cold enough. let’s just get our dreams warmed,,, did you know you can hold your dreams? well, you can, granpalito! nobody actually taught me this,,, i had no dad, you know, i learnt it myself. youre like a dad, you know? ññññññññññññññññññññññññ

let’s be happy.



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