this time i wanted to take a picture, well actually i wanted to show a picture, that is, to share a picture i mean, but i cant let me tell ya how’s the picture, the image it has i mean. first, it’s not a real picture it’s a vision have you ever had one of ’em? i bet you have, all living things do i think, it’s like that memory you can never forget say bitter traumas or good stuff: that someone ya loved inside a coffin or the first time you kissed your man, your being hit by your dad any night or that scene in which you come out to a friend and that friend hugs you, your favourite toy being broken by one of your elder brothers or the first time you were in a beach… anyway, this image is kinda special, and hot, but because it was freakin’ hot in that village, that’s it, well perhaps it was a bit hot, you know what i mean. i was wandering, exploring all places and looking stupidly at people’s faces, why is that? don’t know, gotta say i have the silly idea that i can feel people’s souls by delving into their presence. Pff! anyway, the sky was awesome, bluer than the ocean of dreams you have when you’re young, well not quite, i think it was kinda melancholic, yeah, what a colour, i felt i was part of nature. i kept walking and saw a bearded man wearing one of those low v-neck t-shirts. by the way, i love when men wear tank tops!



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