(Me in front of my pc)

(Me in front of my pc)

Dad: is internet working alright here?

Me: well, yeah, it’s a bit slow, but i can’t complain.

Dad: ’cause there’s not internet acces like globally, i think…

Me: (deep sigh) you didn’t read well, i bet…

Sister: it’s just Wikipedia not working.

Dad: well, it’s the same, Wikopada, Kiwipadia, whatever…

Me: (trying to come up with easy-to-understand arguments that explain him that Wikipedia ≠ Internet. i give up) you didn’t read well…

Sister: dad, just leave him alone, we got many things to do, let’s leave that smart-ass…

(They leave. Me in front of the computer)

Me: W…T…F…!



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