Bogotá these days is usually gloomy. You can get up and feel it’s worse than hell. If you’re down, Nature should at least try and make the day shiny instead of shitty. But no way, I’m not friends with her, and I’d better stop thinking of the rather silly way about weather. Oh right, folks, I will. But this morning something strange has happened: it’s sunny and clear. Sunny and clear also seems life now. Well, aside from the fact that I can’t write a single word for next week’s essay, I think I remembered what it feels to be in Paradise.

I’d arranged an appointment with this guy, the trainer, at three. I thought he’d be late as usual so I took Nietzsche with me. I started cycling slowly and daydreaming crazily. ‘What’s up?!’, a pale young man utters earnestly but empathically. He then pats my back as I greet back more excitingly than I actually seem. We both start talking, like good friends do. To be honest, I don’t care what we said, I care we said something, anything.

This male figure is rather short in height, but the simpleness of its composition can be mysteriously attractive. He’s in dark blue, which highlights his skin colour perfectly. Beyond his aura…

Warming up was over and then to the machines room we went.


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